For advertisers
‘In today’s world your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what social media influencers say it is.’

The meteoric rise of the internet, more so social media, has meant consumers now lead the charge forcing marketers and brands to play catch-up. If you want your brand to remain relevant then influencer marketing will need to become part of your marketing plan.

Frustrated with the traditional approaches and the rapid rise of ad blocking, we created Populr as a new way to market to consumers, attract customers and fundamentally drive sales. With over twenty years of experience we make influencer marketing simple, creative and commercial driven with proven return on investment.

Populr is the largest influencer marketing platform in the country with over 1,000 movers and shakers and access to some of the best creative, digital and social media minds in the industry. We’ve built long-standing relationships with both the talent and their agents to ensure a seamless user experience. Over the last three years, we’ve worked with senior clients to build their influencer marketing strategies, create campaigns and explore ways to maximise their current brand ambassadors.

There are no fixed contracts or ongoing agency obligations.
We’re happy to simply chat in the first instance.

How it works

Populr is the largest, most powerful celebrity media network in the country. Once your campaign is live,
Populr provides real-time reporting, across all networks with a simple, easy to use analytics dashboard.

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Submit a campaign brief from your very own dashboard.

We provide a conversation strategy, implementation plan along with the right fit influencers to your brief & budget.