What is Populr?
As the marketing landscape changed around us, we explored new ways to market to consumers over more traditional forms.
Populr is a world-class platform built to connect both influencers and brands looking to take advantage of influencer marketing.

What makes us different? Simple. Our purpose built platform works hand-in-hand with some of the smartest creative, digital and social media minds in the country to create effective marketing campaigns that will ensure your brand, product or service is part of the online conversation. We have the ability to produce a series of authentic conversations and content that’s created, overheard, shared and interacted with on a mass scale across all major social media networks.

Populr is the largest influencer marketing platform in the country with over 1,000 movers and shakers from the biggest names in sport to actors, musicians, entertainers, through to bloggers and content creators. We work closely with brands to ensure they have the right mix of influencers, create the right conversations for their audience and ensure they’re maximising their return on investment.

Populr is a new way to connect with consumers and a significant leap forward in the art and science of influencer marketing.

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